How We Help you Save Time and Effort

BSIT help you save your time and effort in your business by providing you the required IT Services that suits your business
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Analysing your complete business process flow

Our technical expert gathers all the information about your work or requirement and finalizes the process flow.

Identifying the Gaps

Gaps are identified in the process flow as to where we can include the IT Services for smoothening the process.

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Deliver the IT Services.

We deliver the Services to help you save your time and effort in carrying out your business at different stages.

Services we can help you with

Custom Application Solutions

Custom Web Application

Based on the requirement of the individual or business we develop the custom web application.

Mobile Application

Bringing business or any custom requirement to mobile platform (Android and iOS).

UI/UX Design

Making a customized and interactive design for web and mobile platform.

Experience In Automation

Payment Gateway Integration

Collecting payments through online platform (PayU, Paytm, any Bank) via integration between the provider and the application.

SMS Gateway Integration

Sending of SMS alerts through an application based on the requirement.

Email Integration

Automated Email triggers from the application based on the requirement.

Bank API Integration

For pushing and pulling single or multiple transactions from the Banking System.

Web API Development

Making changes in one platform (web or mobile) and synchronizing in all.

Zoom API Integration

Zoom video conferencing product integration with your web application.

Cloud Management

Amazon Web Services

Experience in services of amazon for hosting the web application on an elastic server which can be increased on demand. Other services like Simple Email Service for sending emails and Amazon S3 for storage management experience.

Digital Ocean

Management experience of launching the cloud and scale up as application grow – with an intuitive control panel, predictable pricing, team accounts.

Google Cloud Platform

Management experience of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.


Dealing with multicloud solution experts. As a global cloud computing services pioneer, rackspace deliver the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and create incredible experiences.

Azure Dev Ops

Management of codes, builds, and deployment of the web applications anywhere with Azure with preferred languages, frameworks and infrastructure.

Quality Control

Code Analysis & Merging

Use of the tools like GIT HUB for merging codes and maintaining the proper version of the codes for the individuals in the team. Analysis of the codes for setting up the proper standards.

White & Black Box Testing

Following the rules of all types of testing Functional-(Unit, Integration, System, Sanity, Smoke, Interface, Regression, Beta/Acceptance), Non Functional-(Performance, Load, Stress, Volume, Security, Compatibility, Install, Recovery, Reliability, Usability, Compliance, Localization)

Project Management Tool

Handling the projects from small to large scale by maintaining industry standards scrum or rapid action methodology. JIRA or Azure Dev Ops is used for managing and delivering the projects. It also helps client to get a clear picture of the progress.

National Informatics Center (NIC)

Experience with the National Informatics Center (NIC) for passing the security certification of the codes and dealing with the entire process of the deployment on the NIC server.

Experience In Products

Content Management System

Dynamically manage the content of the pages and create your own blogs. Extensive use of gallery, news feed and latest events plugins.

E-Commerce Platform

Manage your B2B, B2C business on all platforms. Interactive admin portal for managing the online and offline orders.

Learning Management Software

Online training management software can be used by any type of industry for training there employees or candidates and evaluate the skills to generate a certificate.

Video Conferencing Software

Easily embed the online video conferencing software on any of your web or mobile application. Start the conference call at ease.

Online Admission/Registration System

Schools, Colleges or any type of institute or company can have the online admission or registration system with payment gateway integrated.

Educational Institute Management System

Complete ERP solution experience for the educational institute from student registration or admission to acquiring a degree.

Tourism and Packaging Software

Planing a tour or offering a readymade package to the customers, processing the bill and automating the process of passing the information to the hotels and car rentals.

Human Resource Management Software

Management of the employees under payroll or retainers which includes the leave, assets management and the payslips generation.

Supply Chain Management

Online or offline management of the supply and demands for the items.

Remittance Software

International money exchange software management experience. Starting from the forex deal management, agencies placing transfer orders, banks receiving funds and then sending it to the beneficiaries electronically.

Hosting Solutions

Domain Hosting

Host your domains with our long term service partners like Godaddy, Big Rock at a value for money rate.

Server Hosting

Get all types of server hosting (VDS, Shared, Windows, Linux) with setup and daily maintenance.

SSL Certificate

Secure your domain with a SSL Certificate at a value for money rate.

Email Hosting

Get your emails setup with one of the best hosting providers like Google, Zoho, Microsoft Outlook.

Publishing on App Store

We can setup the console of the Apple App Store for publishing your app and fill in the necessary details as per your requirement.

Publishing on Google Play Store

We can setup the console of the Google Play Store for publishing your app and fill in the necessary details as per your requirement.

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